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Somewhere between her maternity session and her baby boy's newborn session, Kimberly was also supposed to have a birth session. As her due date neared, I kept my phone next to me at night--just in case the baby, like they usually do, decided to make his grand entrance at 3am or something crazy.

On June 20, at 4:08am, I get this text: Katie--my mid-wife is on the way over. It is baby time. I'll call you in just a bit if you don't respond to this message.

Fifteen minutes after she sent me that text message, Kimberly was holding a baby. Lol. So, sad to say I missed the birth. But I am very glad that we were able to get some newborn and lifestyle shots, once he did decide to make his entrance.

This sweet baby. He is so loved. Oh man. And I don't even think I ever heard him cry...he did so well.

Kim and Easton, congrats on your new family of five! Thank you for inviting me into your home. :)


  1. really love this session, katie! <3 beautiful!

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