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When my sister first called me with the news that she and Joe had become engaged, I instantly began an internal struggle in my mind--Would I rather be the matron of honor or the wedding photographer?

I soon found out, lol, that it didn't matter what internal struggle I was dealing with; my sister had made up her mind long before I even began questioning it. ;)

As the matron of honor, it was incredibly nice to just sit back and enjoy the show, while someone else did all the heavy lifting and work. I can't remember the last time I went to a wedding and just...enjoyed myself. It was wonderful. Especially since I get to spend all that time soaking it in with my sister, her husband, and the rest of the family.

Of course, I couldn't just relinquish the photography control to any photographer on the street--knowing my sister was on a smaller budget and would be unable to afford the caliber of photographer in southern California that she truly deserved on her special day,
I called my friend, Pam. I am quite familiar with Pam's work, and she had actually second shot a wedding with me once before.

Thankfully, Pam was free that weekend. ;)  She flew in the Friday before, shot the wedding on Saturday, and then extended her trip 3 more days so we could do things like Disneyland and a Red Wings/Ducks game. In other words, my dear friend missed Mother's Day weekend with her two babies so that she could be there for me and my baby sister, instead.

And she did an amazing job.

I have been editing the photos for the last 5 days straight (yes, I am that much of a control freak that I insisted on having some hand in the process, and edited all the photos Pam took. Don't judge me. I know I need help. Lol.), and have been in awe of how many wonderful shots she was able to capture of my sister--and for my sister--on her special day.

If you aren't familiar with Pam, you can check out her Facebook page here. I know a lot of you in Michigan follow my blog and she is in East Grand Rapids--"Like" her page and then hire her for something, mmmkay?

So, that's that.

The next big family event you will see on my blog will likely be the birth of my nephew, Andrew. I am bound and determined to be in southern California the day my sister announces that her water has broken and she is headed to the hospital. (Wish me luck, lol.)

Brandi, my sweet baby sister--congrats again. Joe is a wonderful, wonderful man and I am super proud to call him my brother-in-law.

I wish the two (three!) of you the very best on this road you have only just started to travel on. Thank you again for asking me to be such a large part of your special day. From the planning, to the shopping, to the showers, to the flights, to the late nights, to May 11, 2013--I enjoyed every single minute.

I love you.

P.S.--Uh, my sister looked like a cross between an angel and a Barbie on the day she got married. I swear. She was so beautiful.

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