rosie + her girls | albuquerque family photographer

Where do I even begin with this post?

I met Rosie on a class field trip to the Fire Department with my son. Her youngest is in my son's class, and we were both there playing the "volunteer parent" role. We spent a lot of time talking about our kids, what it had been like to move to Albuquerque, and the local school system.

When you move to a town where you know almost no one, it's really difficult to do things like make plans without your kids, or make any kind of plans that require one or both of your kids to stay behind with daddy while mommy goes to work a wedding in another state. Lol.

Cue Rosie.

She has swooped in and saved us on so many occasions thus far. Tom has been able to continue working, while I've been able to go out of town, and I've known that for those few hours they are with Rosie, my kids are in good hands.

But aside from a life-saver, she's also become a friend. And I'm thankful for that.

Thank you, Rosie, for spending this hour--on this insanely bright, but cold day--with me and my camera. I loved having the chance to photograph your beautiful girls. :)

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  1. oh my gosh. i am in love with these!! you have a lot of talent.